Law Society’s first ever online Annual Report

At the Law Society’s Annual General Meeting tomorrow, we will reflect on our accomplishments of the year passed.

To make the details of our work in 2013 available to the widest possible audience and in a format that is easy to read and access, our annual report is available for the first time as a website –

The site is available in both English and French and includes a video address from me and from chief executive officer, Robert Lapper.

It provides a full picture of our performance for 2013, with financial statements, as well as summaries providing details of our strategic initiatives, accompanied by a number of infographics and dynamic charts.

The impact of many 2013 Law Society initiatives has been significant.

I’m particularly encouraged by the momentum we’ve created around improving access to justice for Ontarians.

We’re taking a strategic approach and better aligning the ample resources and good will that already exists within the profession to help the public obtain justice in a timely and affordable way.

The annual report also examines:

  • Our work in 2013 to introduce two pathways to lawyer licensing in Ontario and to develop a substantive examination framework for paralegals
  • Our examination of what challenges racialized lawyers and paralegals are facing
  • How we worked to improve the effectiveness of the professional regulation process
  • Our efforts around creating a more transparent, fair and effective hearing process
  • The steps we took to engage the legal professions in considering the future of alternative business structures

These initiatives are set against a complex backdrop of change within the profession.

Globalization, technology, and economic considerations are powerful agents of change that continue to transform the provision of legal services.

I am proud of the progress that we have made together on the many challenges facing the profession.

I think you’ll enjoy this updated approach to reviewing the Law Society’s performance as much as I have. I am confident that the Law Society is as well-positioned as we’ve ever been to serve the public interest and the legal profession.


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