Fresh start with a little help

January traditionally marks a fresh beginning — a new year full of promise.

But, as seasonal celebrations wind down and as post-holiday bills, work demands and other stresses begin to pile up, it can be a very challenging time of year for many.

Add our punishing winter climate to the mix and the winter blahs can quickly turn into winter blues — making it difficult to cope with daily tasks, let alone find the motivation to embrace new challenges.

The Member Assistance Program (MAP) is there to help when life or work circumstances become overwhelming.

Launched in 2013, MAP is a confidential Law Society-funded program that helps lawyers and paralegals who may need assistance with a professional or personal crisis.

MAP reflects the Law Society’s ongoing commitment to help lawyers and paralegals achieve their health and wellness goals. It is offered by an outside provider to ensure absolute privacy and confidentiality.

Lawyers and paralegals can get professional help with issues related to mental or physical health, work-life balance, career, family, addictions and more.

Counselling services are offered in person, via telephone or email. Online courses are also available.

MAP’s Peer Support Program matches support seekers with trained fellow legal professionals who have experienced and have recovered from their own challenges.

This program is particularly powerful because it enables individuals to talk confidentially to colleagues who understand the challenges of practising law and of recovery.

I encourage interested members to consider becoming volunteer peers for this valuable program.

Ongoing training is provided.

MAP is available at 1-855-403-8922. Information is also available online or on the Law Society’s website.

By investing in our own wellness, we better serve the public interest.


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