Celebrating Asian and South Asian heritage

Next week, we welcome guests to our annual Asian and South Asian Heritage month event.

Panellists will this year consider how best diversity within the profession can be achieved. Is it policy that has the most significant impact, or, does it evolve more organically through steady advocacy?

It’s a question we’ve invited several experts from the Asian and South Asian communities to consider.

The event is co-hosted with advocacy groups, including the South Asian Bar Association, the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers and the Canadian Association of South Asian Lawyers.

Speakers will represent several different aspects of the profession, such as advocacy bodies, as well as committees and a foundation dedicated to inclusion.

As with many of our Equity events, we invite you to engage the panel discussion: once speakers have shared their perspectives, you’ll have the chance to ask them each more about the genesis of their views.

I look forward to connecting with you at the event.


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